Q) What is Summer Sound?

A) Summer Sound Music Festival is a one-day music festival featuring some of the biggest names in

Hip Hop, RnB, AfroBeats, and Reggaeton. The 2019 festival takes place on

August 30, 2019 in Vancouver

Q) When is Summer Sound?

A) Summer Sound Festival is on August 30, 2019

Q) How old do I have to be to attend Summer Sound Festival?

A) All ages are welcome to attend Summer Sound Festival 

Q) I bought a ticket but something came up, and I can’t attend. How do I get a refund?

A) All sales are final

Q) Is there an age limit for VIP at Summer Sound?

A) You must be 19+ to enter the VIP areas at Summer Sound.

Q) Will The festival be indoors or outdoors?

A) The festival will be held held outdoors.

Q) What if it rains?

A) This festival is a rain or shine event.

Q) Can we bring cameras into Summer Sound?

A) GoPros are permitted, but professional cameras without a media pass will not be permitted into the festival.

Q) Ok, how do I obtain a media pass then?

A) Media companies are only permitted to obtain a media pass. If you’re a photographer that

happens to work for a media company and  interested in covering the event,

please email info@summersoundfestival.com

Q) What is the difference between “TIERS”/

Will there be a difference between tiers?

A) PRICE. When Tier 1 sells out, the ticket price goes up for Tier 2.

For best price please purchase lowest tier possible, there will be tiers for both GA and VIP

Q) What is the difference between GA and VIP?

A) 1. VIP passes allow attendees to enter all parts of the festival grounds including the beer garden.

2. GA passes allow attendees to enter parts of the festival that do not require a VIP pass.

Q) What time do gates open and close for Summer Sound?

A) Friday, August 30, 2019 

Open: 12:00 PM

Gates close: 8:00 PM

Q) Is there re-entry?

A) Yes.

Q) How many stages will there be at Summer Sound?

A) Two

Q) Where can I find the festival map?

A) The map will be released ahead of time and will be posted on our site as well as

our social media platforms.

Q) When are you releasing set times?

A) Set names and Lineup will be posted both on our website and all our social media platforms

closer to the month of the festival. Set times will also be found in

Summer Sound Festival guide that will be handed out at entrance.

Stay up and stay tuned to our social media.

Q) What if  “artist name” doesnt make it to the festival?

A) Lineup is subject to change. If anything changes, we’ll announce it on all

our social media platforms.

Q) What security precautions are you taking at Summer Sound?

A) We are working with the RCMP & Fire Department.

All festival attendees are required to being searched prior to entry into the event.

It is required for attendees to enter a TSA-style pat down search.

Q) Is there seating available at the festival?

A) Yes, we provide seating throughout the festival grounds.

Q) Is there parking?

A) There is street parking and parking lots near entrance and exit of the festival venue.

Please stay tuned for site map and venue information

Q) Will there be a Medical/ First Aid station in case of emergency?

A) Yes.

Q) I’m an upcoming artist and I think I’m ready, can I perform?

A) If we’re interested, we’ll reach out.

Q) What type of payment will be accepted for merch and food vendors?

A) Cash, Debit and Credit cards will be accepted with proof of ID

Q) I am interested in being a vendor for Summer Sound, What do i have to do?

A) Please email info@summersoundfestival.com and we’ll get back to you.

Q) Do you represent a brand interested in sponsoring the festival?

A) REACH OUT! Please email info@summersoundfestival.com and we’ll “get right with you”

Q) Can i become a volunteer?

A) please email info@summersoundfestival.com and we’ll get back to you